The Frankenchopper - '82 KZ750N1 Spectre Chop

This bike is being put together out of spare parts, hence the name. Not the most efficient way of doing it, but hey...


Mods will include a 3" extension of the swingarm and driveshaft (which will drop the rear about 1"),

12" fork stretch, and a 3.3" down tube stretch to level the frame and set the rake angle

Retain factory brakes and air suspension

Factory Wheelbase: 57"

Frankenchopper Wheelbase: 82" (THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout)

Here's the frame and engine I'm starting with (got it on eBay) Down tubes cut and frame jacked for wheelbase mockup
Here's the 3" extended driveshaft next to a stock one Two swingarms were sacrificed to make this 3" longer version. My neighbor did the welding. I have a welder, he IS a welder!
Here's the assembled swingarm installed. Compare shock angle to above. Closer view. I extended the brake torque arm to match the swingarm.

Projectus Interruptus - moved south.

Pack up all the stuff an hope I don't lose anything important in the transport.


...OK! back at the project after a few weeks...

Frame mods to stretch down tubes Stretched frame (right) next to unmodded frame on the Krustmobile
rakeanglecomparo2.JPG (31009 bytes)
Side-by-side rake angle and headstock height comparison Nipped 6" off the rear
Here's the bike mocked up and on the rollaround And from the right rear. Note the bars & mirrors.
Got some of the wiring and controls installed. Here's the front. Left front
Left rear Rear
Right rear Right front